Coaches’ Challenge

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The Challenge

The Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge is a friendly competition among coaches and between states with a shared goal to connect more caring adults and young people through quality mentoring relationships. Right now, one out of every three young people will grow up without the support of a mentor. Coaches from Big Ten and Big 12 universities, as well as coaches from colleges and high schools across the country are challenging their fans to join the team and be a mentor!

The overall challenge launches on August 1, 2015. The winning team will be announced December 12th, 2015.  Visit for more information on the National Challenge.

Join the Challenge!

Become a mentor with TeamMates Mentoring Program today.  It’s easy to get started:

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Our TeamMates Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge

Thank you for signing up for the challenge! Our TeamMates challenge will run from August 1-Nov 1.

TeamMates Chapter Coordinators Toolkit

A Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge chapter toolkit has been created to help you promote the Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge in your community.  Please use the resources below:

Jersey Day Materials

Coaches Challenge Events

  • A Mentor Celebration at Nebraska Crossings Outlet Mall and the launch of our 2015 TeamMates Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge through media coverage with Dr. Tom Osborne (Aug 9)
  • TeamMates Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge conference call kick-off!  (Aug 13)
  • Tom Osborne’s “Mentoring Matters” book launch (September)
  • Jersey Day! (October 16)
  • Coaches Challenge Team Day (October 27)

Marketing and Mentor Recruitment

“Join the Team” video with Dr. Tom Osborne

“I’m Recruiting” radio PSA with Dr. Tom Osborne

Coaches Challenge Press Release

Big Ten Press Release

Coaches Challenge Social Media

Local Coach Engagement

Follow-up Conference Call

Coaches Challenge Conference Call recording