Resource Library

Check out the resources available to TeamMates mentors below. If you have additional resources that you would like to see or need additional guidance on a situation, please contact Ally Horne.

Mentor Training: Learn about New Mentor Training, find an ongoing training opportunity, or get some insight on a specific situation you and your mentee may be facing.

Activity Ideas: Need ideas for activities, conversations, or projects you and your mentees can do together? Find some suggestions in the Activity Ideas section!

Maintaining Safety: Find emergency contact information, guidance for difficult conversations, and TeamMates policy reminders here.

Online Resources: Watch a motivational video, connect with TeamMates on social media, or see what some former TeamMates mentees are doing now!

Weekly Email: Subscribe to the weekly email series “The Impact of a Mentor” by TeamMates co-founder Tom Osborne or check the archives for any you might have missed!