Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge

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The Challenge

The Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge is a friendly competition among coaches and between states with a shared goal to connect more caring adults and young people through quality mentoring relationships. Right now, one out of every three young people will grow up without the support of a mentor. Coaches from Big Ten and Big 12 universities, as well as coaches from colleges and high schools across the country are challenging their fans to join the team and be a mentor!

The overall challenge launches on August 1, 2015. The winning team will be announced December 12th, 2015.  Visit for more information on the National Challenge.

Join the Challenge!

Become a mentor with TeamMates Mentoring Program today.  It’s easy to get started:

Step 1. Apply
Step 2. Train
Step 3. Match
Click here to get started!

Our TeamMates Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge

If you are a TeamMates Mentoring Program chapter coordinator, please sign-up for the Coaches Challenge at our Annual Partnership Meeting on July 28th.

A Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge chapter toolkit is under development—we will have resources for you to use in your community.  There will be a series of activities to keep the challenge exciting throughout the campaign. These include:

  • A Mentor Celebration at Nebraska Crossings Outlet Mall and the launch of our 2015 TeamMates Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge through media coverage with Dr. Tom Osborne (Aug 9)
  • Tom Osborne’s “Mentoring Matters” book launch (September)
  • Jersey Day! (October 16)
  • Coaches Challenge Team Day (October 27)

More details on the toolkit and the above events will be covered during the Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge conference call on Thursday August 13th.