Coaches Challenge


The Challenge

The National Mentoring Partnership has identified 15 million youth in need of a mentor. Thousands of these youth live right here in Nebraska.  From August-November, several states across the US are having their local and University coaches issue a challenge to their community member to step up to the plate and become a mentor!

The overall Challenge launched on August 1, 2014. The winning team will be announced December 1st, 2014.  Visit for more information on the National Challenge.

Click here for the 2014 Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge Press Release


Join the Challenge!

Become a mentor with TeamMates Mentoring Program.  It’s easy to get started:

Step 1. Apply
Step 2. Train
Step 3. Match
Click here to get started!

Our Challenge

If you are a program coordinator, we challenge you to set a recruitment goal for your chapter for the duration of the challenge (August-November).

Submit your recruitment goal HERE.

Those chapters that meet their goal will be recognized at the 2015 Annual Partnership Meeting.  Goals are due by September 1st.

We have spun a unique challenge off of this to pose a friendly competition to our chapters as well.  Each of our TeamMates chapters will be competing against each other to see which CHAPTER can recruit the most mentors.


  • Challenge will run September 1 –October 31
  • We will release a leader board every other Friday throughout September and October
  • Prizes will be given to the leading chapter biweekly –
    • Prizes include –TeamMates promotional gear, print materials, gift cards for chapter outings and more!
    • All chapters are eligible to participate regardless of their state affiliation for the overall Challenge
    • Winner will be determined by the number of new recruits divided by your community population
    • Winning chapter for the entire two months will receive a TeamMates promotional item up to $200 in value.



  •  If you are a program coordinator, follow this link to access the new materials from the Coaches Challenge playbook.  Once you click the link scroll down to Coaches Challenge.
  • Materials include:
    • Coaches Challenge Logo
    • A postcard to send to potential recruits (blank back side)
    • Coaches Challenge Poster
    • Coaches Challenge Poster – Iowa
    • Coaches Challenge Poster – Nebraska
    • Coaches Challenge T-Shirts – if you are a program coordinator, access the t-shirt design and t-shirt order form at each respective link – t-shirt orders are due by September 15th.  T-shirts will be $6.05 for YM-XL and $8.05 for XXL-5XL plus shipping and handling.
    • The posters are posted as web version.  If you need a high resolution version please contact Callie at

Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge Conference Call