It’s Fall!

It’s time to put away the shorts and tank tops and bring out the jeans and sweaters. The first day of fall is this Saturday, September 22. Each change in season brings new activities to experience with your mentee. Below are some fun ways to celebrate the transition into fall and cooler weather.

  • Go for a walk outside and collect leaves. How many different colored leaves can you pick up?
  • Use recycled cans and paint them as ghosts or pumpkins. Cover with old fabric and ribbons.
  • Research the fall weather in your area – what are the average high and low temperatures.
  • Ask your mentee why the leaves change colors? Use this as an opportunity to find a book or other resource to find the answer together.
  • Enjoy an apple together.
Nature Hunt Tree Frame (Click for more)Take a walk outside in these cooler temperature and hunt for some twigs and an acorn. Pair these with a simple frame to create a fun, fall project. (Idea from Inspired by Family Mag)
Swirly Pumpkin and Leaf Garland (Click for more) Using some ribbon and paper, you can create decor to be hung in the classroom or in the home. If you have an old book, you can use a book page for the leaves to replace the scrapbook apper. (Idea from Happy Clippings)
Mod Podge Pumpkins (Click for more) Dress up a pumpkin with tissue paper or napkins. Because you will be doing this activity in a school, omit the first step of spray painting the pumpkin and simply use the natural color of the pumpkin for a background. (Idea from Worthing Court)
Lego Pumpkin (Click for more) Here is the perfect fall activity for the mentee who doesn’t enjoy crafts – a lego pumpkin! (Idea from Nerd Approved)

Check out our Pinterest boards for more fun activity ideas! If you utilize any of these ideas or have your own to share, please leave a comment.

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