The TeamMates Mentoring Program has many ways to give that will significantly impact our youth and their mentors. Our goal is to help donors understand how we function and how our mission helps those we serve. Gifts to TeamMates Mentoring are tax deductible.

All non-designated donations will be used to support the overall TeamMates Mentoring Program. For tribute donations, please allow 7-10 days for mail notification of the honoree and/or family. To request an expedited email notification, please email Kayla Sholtz at with the recipient’s name and email address.

To transfer funds using a donor-advised fund, please click the button below to request TeamMates’ EIN number.

Click the button below to start an email describing your intent.

How your gift makes a difference

$45 funds one background check. Safety is our number 1 priority and a core value.

$450 funds one match per year. TeamMates currently supports about 10,000 matches per year in a five-state region. The $450 average cost per year for a TeamMates Mentoring match is one-fourth of the national average.

$2,000 is the average cost of a local program’s annual participation fee.

$15,000 will help open a new local program.