In years of research and the study of successful people, Don Clifton found a common trait: they understand their talent, and they maximize it to achieve their full potential. CliftonStrengths, rooted in many years of research, identify the unique, natural talents of individuals. Strengths provides a common language to expand conversations about what is right with people.

Local leaders have had the opportunity to learn their strengths prior to the annual conference and participate in ongoing learning.

Mentors who are interested in doing strengths with their mentees should talk with their program coordinator. We prefer matches to be in place for 6 months or more, and regularly meeting and engaged. Mentors can complete strengths training in person or through virtual options, and once completed, their mentee will then do the same. From there, we encourage matches to utilize our strengths and resources and have conversations about their talent in action.

of mentees say they know their strengths and talents.
of mentors say they talk about their mentee’s strengths and talents.
According to the Gallup Student Poll, engaged students are 4.5x more likely to be hopeful about their future than their actively disengaged peers.

How we use strengths

In 2023, TeamMates introduced a new podcast, “We Over Me”, to promote our strengths-based approach to mentoring a team of leaders.
The episode featured here focuses on our CliftonStrengths model and how it’s impacted engagement in the TeamMates National Office.

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Meet our Strengths-Certified Staff

Tricia Dix
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
TeamMates+ Post-Secondary Education Coordinator
Ashley Denton
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Iowa Regional Coordinator
Tori Pedersen
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Training & Match Support Coordinator
Tiffany Egger
Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
North Central Regional Coordinator